Free test management tools

There seem to be plenty of free test tools out there but finding a good free test management tool is not so easy.

I started by using RIACase, its pretty simple and easy to use, but i soon found that it had a few features missing that i really needed. Its a good one to start with as its a simple install and it will help you to make the initial move from spreadsheets.

I am currently using Tarantula. Its not quite as straight forward an install as RIACase but its got more features and is geared towards an agile test environment. It has a nice dashboard and good user administration. It does have a rather unique work flow, so its well worth visiting the tour area of there website. Once you get used to it its pretty easy to use.

If you find anymore good free test management tools please let me know in the comments!

Python editor

I have recently started to convert some of my selenium builder test scripts into python from the default son format so i can make them a bit more modular and easier to maintain. I was searching for  good python IDE that i could use. I found that Pycharm really fitted the bill.

It has some great features and there is a free version. If your using Python for your test script language then you should check it out.